Welcome to VQ Association

This site is respectfully dedicated to the accomplishments of an outstanding team that have included Navy/Marine/Army and civilian technical experts who have served, or are serving, their nation in Airborne Intelligence gathering.

From the dark days of WWII, through the Cold War and to the present confrontation in the Middle East, groups dedicated to the shadowy task of intelligence gathering have proudly evolved into the present day VQ and Support Agencies.

VQ units have been at the forefront in furthering our national policy. Unheralded and unable to tell of their accomplishments, the brave men and women of VQ can stand tall among the military’s finest. Sadly, many of our comrades have given their life in the line of duty. It is our solemn mandate that we never forget their sacrifice and that we keep their memory alive.

To all those who served in the VQ community, many look back at this service as perhaps the high point of their career. It is our purpose to provide a venue where their past accomplishments can be documented, thus providing a bridge from  the past to present and then present a history to all those who will  follow.